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Nurture your team

Why should your business invest in training your staff?

  • It allows you to develop, motivate and retain your best employees.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to employee development and career progression.
  • It helps attract talented employees.
  • It helps improve employee productivity.
  • It helps nurture and grow ambitious, loyal and committed staff members.
  • It refreshes the skills of your employees.
  • It boosts the confidence of your employees because they can handle more complex tasks now.
  • It helps project a credible and professional image of your business.
  • It gives your business a competitive edge by having a team of people that are well trained, motivated and professional.
  • Training existing employees may be cheaper than recruiting someone with the same skills.
  • It can reduce consultancy costs.

Why are AAT qualifications ideal for businesses?

  • AAT's qualifications are relevant and up-to-date because AAT regularly consults with business leaders and industry experts.
  • There are a variety of courses that cover basic topics like bookkeeping to complex topics like taxation.
  • AAT's courses are accredited by Ofqual, therefore the quality is assured.
  • AAT's courses are nationally and internationally recognised.
  • AAT's assessments are computer based so can be scheduled to fit around the business' schedule.
  • In addition to accounting skills, AAT's courses teach interpersonal skills that make employees more rounded, effective and committed team players.
  • Each AAT level is a qualification in its own right. This allows you to train your employees precisely to the level required by your business.

Once they have finished their AAT studies, your employees will be able to:

  • process cash and bank transactions
  • process sales and purchases
  • maintain sales and purchase ledger accounts
  • manage receivables and payables
  • do reconciliations (bank, supplier, etc) and prepare your trial balance
  • process basic journal entries (also known as double entries)
  • prepare financial statements (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.)
  • carry out year-end adjustments like closing inventory, depreciation, accruals and prepayments
  • prepare accounts for partnership businesses and sole traders
  • use decision making tools such as Break-even analysis
  • understand VAT regulations and complete a VAT return
  • prepare financial statements (Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, etc.)
  • use advanced costing methods and systems and budgeting

Why choose Learning Academy?

  • Our lecturers have industry experience; your employees will benefit from real work insight.
  • Our lecturers have years of experience in teaching accounting courses in general and AAT courses in particular.
  • Our LIVE Online courses allow your employees to attend the lectures from work or home; there is no need to travel to a classroom.
  • Our distance learning courses allow your employees to fit their studies around their work and home commitments while still benefiting from the experience of our lecturers and tutors.

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